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Configa of Slept On Fam - "Hot Off Da Press" & "15 Minutes"
Configa of Slept On Fam - "Hot Off Da Press" & "15 Minutes"

By JR on 4:49 PM

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Hot Off Da Press Art type no border.jpg
Cover Art by JR: Oil on Masonite with Digital Color Finish

2 solid cuts from the U.K.'s own Configa of The Slept On Fam, "Hot Off Da Press" featuring Fdot1 and "15 Minutes" featuring Scorzayzee with chorus vocals by Atlanta Smith (cover artwork done by me!). Producer/MC Configa provides head nodding tracks with dedicated lyrical talent in the tradition of the great feel of classic 90's hip hop, a refreshing listen from a group of artists passionate about their craft. Each song goes beyond the average hip hop track by providing depth and focusing upon valuable qualities of life such as self confidence, inspiration and perseverance.

Both "Hot Off Da Press" and "15 Minutes have an aggressive hip hop edge, but in different ways. The former feels like a showcase of skill confidence in MCing in general, while the latter focuses on belief and wishful thinking in using your skills and whatever amount of time you're afforded in life to achieve your goals. The good thing about both is that they are inspiring from the sense of dedication felt through the music, an important feeling of hip hop I've been missing in recent years.

Listen, download and enjoy "Hot Off Da Press" and "15 Minutes" at


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