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PVD Breaks Vol. 1: 27 Original Breakbeats Played By Pat Van Dyke!
PVD Breaks Vol. 1: 27 Original Breakbeats Played By Pat Van Dyke!

By JR on 7:41 AM

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This is a great package of original breaks from Pat Van Dyke, producer, drummer, composer and bandleader who is proficient in Soul and Jazz. He also works with one of my favorite independent MC's, John Robinson. Make sure you give this project and Pat's beautiful music some attention, PVD Breaks Vol. 1 is a great example of a musician who lends his talent and perspective to one of the fundamental sounds of hip hop: the break.

"The first release in a new series of breakbeat / sample records I'll be releasing entitled PVD Breaks is available NOW! You can preview and purchase the record anywhere you buy digital music: iTunes, Amazon, EMusic, Lala, Napster, etc. Aimed at producers, samplers, and DJs tired of chopping up the same drum breaks; PVD Breaks Volume 1 includes 27 ROYALTY-FREE Original LIVE breakbeats played by yours truly, as well as bonus tracks from 8th W1 and Bobby Garcia. Pick it up NOW anywhere you buy digital music!
Features 27 ALL ORIGINAL BREAKBEATS plus 2 bonus Breaks featuring 8th W1 + Bobby Garcia."

All breaks performed and recorded by Pat Van Dyke.

Listen/Download at Bandcamp: PVD Breaks Vol. 1

Download PVD Breaks, Vol. 1. at iTunes

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