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DXA vs. The Rhythmonster EP - Inspiration From The "Golden Age"
DXA vs. The Rhythmonster EP - Inspiration From The "Golden Age"

By JR on 8:13 AM

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The sounds of DXA vs. The Rhythmonster EP exemplify the timeless aspect of Hip Hop sound which resonates in your consciousness with depth and meaning, a classic sound which I'm sure most of us die hard listeners for the most part are probably looking in some places of current times and wondering where these great elements went?

The four-man crew of DXA (DFACE, CALAMITY CHRIS, DOAM PEACE, and ICEROCKS) hailing from the heart of NYC have perfected the art of projecting deep, meaningful messages of life over gritty, soulful instrumentals crafted exclusively from none other than the SP1200 drum machine. Each MC delivers on the mic with great pride and unbiased restriction, crafting songs to leave you with a feel good, inspirational vibe reminiscent of the feeling of a park jam combined with writing skills which are thought-provoking, uplifting and competitive.

If you wondered what it would sound like when a contemporary group expands upon the classic, traditional sounds of the late 80's and early 90's with results that are impressive, look no further than the DXA vs. The Rhythmonster EP. In the back of my mind, I've been waiting to hear something like this for awhile, as I am sure most of us who love the Golden Era have also.

Listen to their EP above at TuneCore, then support by purchasing at iTunes or download the EP for free:

D.X.A. are the cats who make it happen from the tip of the BX to the congested streets of Manhattan. The group began during Dface’s earlier days hitting up graffiti with filthy pieces and hand styles. Thus, the acronym D.X.A was created, standing for such terms as Dirty Xplicit Artists or Droppin Xplicit Artwork. The fateful run-in with Chris during high school led to the beginning of something that was much more than a couple of kids painting on walls. Inspiration from the "golden age" of Hip Hop, as with so many others, had become the culture in which they would find their niche. In the years that followed, the inclusion of Icerocks, a neighborhood homie whose love for digging and knack for chopping allowed the young MCs to finally create their own music, joining one common goal in the process; progress. That being said the crew took its final transformation with the further addition of Doam, Calamity Chris's brother, as the third MC.

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