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Hip Hop Influenced by Religion: "S.O.R.I." by Giano
Hip Hop Influenced by Religion: "S.O.R.I." by Giano

By JR on 1:57 PM

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Giano's presence stands out on the mic as he brings an ear-opening display of Hip Hop, getting straight to the point of delivering thought-provoking content which combines a mix of religious and street imagery, dope production and lyrical skills in one package. Listen to a few standout cuts from his 2012 album "S.O.R.I." below:

01.01 For Everything (prod. by PNG Productionz & Nova Era
02.02 101 (prod. by S1)
03.03 Peace By Piece (prod. by IllMind)
04.04 Balance (prod. by Sinuous)
05.05 Dream Soldier (prod. by PNG Productionz)
06.06 Six Prisons feat. Azarel Star (prod. by PNG Productionz)
07.07 Prison Doors (prod. by The Hunchback Esquire)
08.08 PNG (prod. by PNG Productionz)
09.09 Miles Dream (prod. by PNG Productionz)
10.10 What is Truth- (prod. by PNG Productionz)
11.11 Hardcore (prod. by S1)
12.12 Her Seed, His Memory (prod. by Apollo Brown)

"This album flowed from a stream of consciousness. I always wanted to create a project like this. The songs exude a particular emotion and follow two themes: dreams and prisons. In my warped sense of humor and wit for this project, there is only a fine line between the two concepts."

Download "S.O.R.I." by Giano for free at

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