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"For Lovers & Believers" by Brenda Nicole Moorer
"For Lovers & Believers" by Brenda Nicole Moorer

Brenda Nicole Moorer and Jesse Fischer paint visions of happiness on "For Lovers and Believers", a 3 song project which envisions hopes and dreams within the journey of life through moving songwriting. As each song evokes a pleasant atmosphere of sound and describes feelings to place you within the vivid dream of Brenda Nicole Moorer, witness the power of music which passes time on a heavenly note.

released 06 March 2014
All songs by Brenda Nicole Moorer and Jesse Fischer.
Recorded and mixed by Jesse Fischer at Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brenda Nicole Moorer, vocals
Jesse Fischer, keyboards, guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, and percussion
Chris Parrello, guitar
David Cutler, bass
Adam Jackson, drums and percussion

Photos by Lauren Desberg
Artwork by Nigel Evan Dennis

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