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"Let Go" With The Smooth Sounds Of Jazz Keyboardist Derrick Harvin -
"Let Go" With The Smooth Sounds Of Jazz Keyboardist Derrick Harvin -

By JR on 7:25 PM

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"Harvin’s love of jazz’s ability to convey emotion manifests itself within the photographic elements of From Here. As a musician doubling as a professional photographer, Harvin has mastered the art of expressing visual aesthetic and color through the beauty of instrumentation.

From Here is not just a product of Harvin’s choice to progress in his music career; it is Harvin’s courageous effort to embrace a brighter tomorrow after the heartbreak of his past. Dedicating the album to his late father, Harvin chooses to view the world from where he is at the moment with eyes wide open and a heart full of faith. He hopes that the story within From Here represents the universality within his audience, as everyone has the choice to decide how they will perceive and appreciate the future from here. Harvin is ready to captivate a global audience, one that can begin to understand life’s great mysteries hand in hand through a magnetic album that surveys the depth of an artist’s sentimentality.

Harvin’s thoughtful reflection within From Here is not merely meant to show the world what he has to offer, but to reflect what the world has shown him."

Enjoy "Let Go" by Derrick Harvin and preview more songs on his 2014 LP "From Here" at

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