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"Fun Machine" by Lake Street Dive
"Fun Machine" by Lake Street Dive

Classic soul, R&B, jazz, and British invasion form the backdrop for the quirky and irreverent brand of pop that Lake Street Dive is known for. Combine this with the unstoppable joy of their live shows and near viral collection of YouTube videos, and you get the sum of the Lake Street Dive equation: pure pop music fun. Knock- your-socks-off vocals and virtuosic instrumentation top it all off. This Brooklyn based quartet is garnering a growing fan base in and beyond their native East Coast. Incorporating the unlikely elements of upright bass and jazz-inflected trumpet along with the more traditional rock staples of drums and electric guitar, Lake Street Dive are equally at home in a jazz club, a dive bar or a festival stage.

Fun Machine cements Lake Street Dive's reputation as a "monumental" band. Their blend of classic soul, R&B, jazz, and British invasion along with staggering vocals and virtuosic instrumentation is irresistible. This E.P. features 1 original and 5 covers by Hall & Oates, Paul McCartney, George Michael, Jackson 5 and The Drifters- all songs that fans have requested to be recorded, featuring the band's original instrumentation - with trumpet and not guitar.

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