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"The Sensitive Suite" by Ahmed Sirour feat. Cleveland P. Jones (The Official Remix & Original)
"The Sensitive Suite" by Ahmed Sirour feat. Cleveland P. Jones (The Official Remix & Original)

By JR on 7:27 AM

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Enjoy the romantic and soulful sounds of producer Ahmed Sirour and vocalist Cleveland P. Jones as they tug at your heartstrings with "The Sensitive Suite". With the smooth rhythm of the original and upbeat dance vibe of the remix, this power duo use the power of their songwriting to put love into a vivid perspective.

Words from Ahmed:

"3 years. 3 YEARS! As many remixes as I've done, in a variety of styles/genres, why did it take that long for an idea to hit me for one of my own joints?? lol

When Cleveland P. Jones and I created the original version of "Sensitive", it was a random evening where we were recording another song, and then during a break, I made 4-bar hook for the fun of it, then looped it as I thought that it might have potential to be something. I called Cleveland back to the room and had him take a listen and 20 minutes later, he wrote the lyrics and had the vocal arrangement for the hook figured out.

As you know, it went on to be a pretty popular track, out of the majority of our collaborations and even landed a spot as track # 7 on 'Brownswood Bubblers 7' (BBC 6's Gilles Peterson's annual international compilation album), after he played it two weeks in a row on his show and then the "All Winners" show.

Well, that was then...but here comes another random moment a few days ago, where I was working on an entirely different song when I listened to the melody of that one (as I had endless times before) but only this time I sped it up randomly to see how it would sound. Then I had a slight epiphany and played Cleveland's "Sensitive" vocals in my mind against what I was hearing (I have that superpower, among other musical gifts lol). Long story short, an idea ensued and 5 days later...voila! Can't be coincidence that inspiration hit me just within range of the original version turning 3 years old on April 5th this year (hell, the original almost didn't get released at all but that's another story lol). What's also poignant, though sad, is that one of House Music's founding fathers, Frankie Knuckles, also passed away as I was working on this. Since he is one of the main reason's that this genre even exists today, then he is also a credit to this production as I may not have even created it since House music might not have existed without his influence (deep gratitude to your memory and legacy, sir).

I honestly feel this is one of my best house joints ever and I am glad to finally share it with you all, but especially for the club, as I need to hear this properly and in the setting and people it was made lovers and those who love to DANCE!

Thank you for your support and...SPREAD THE WORD!!! ;-)
released 03 April 2014
All music composed, arranged, and performed by Ahmed Sirour"

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