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90's Hip Hop Vibes by Crooked Cat Records: Music by T-Max, Millennium & Gregory Whistler
90's Hip Hop Vibes by Crooked Cat Records: Music by T-Max, Millennium & Gregory Whistler

By JR on 7:10 AM

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Boston Representative T-MAX teams up with Crooked Cat Records to share his lost Goodies with the world. This Ep contains of 6 unreleased Tracks picked from his 2 unreleased Albums "Alley Walker (1993)" and "Bless All Get Money (1996)". All Tracks recorded between 93-96 and produced by Dow Brain, Brad Young and Danny Wood.
The EP is available as a limited Vinyl Edition of 350 Copies.
Get your Copy here:
Big up to T-MAX...

Born in Baltimore and raised in DC, Millenium teamed up with House of Abdul to record a bunch of dope joints. In 1998 he released his first album called "Kaos Theory" over House of Abdul Records which was only available on Casette and CD, in case you found one of those rare copies. 2 years later they finished his second album "Most Thorough" which never saw the light of day. Now, 16 years later our Crooked Cat "Bad Beppo" went out to visit the House of Abdul to get a bag full of those joints to feed his family with barrel aged fruits from the past. Crooked Cat Records presents "Kaos Theory EP". The 12" comes along with 3 tracks from Milleniums first album "Kaos Theory" and 4 unreleased tracks from his second album "Most Thorough" on the flipside. Get your copy on If you lucky you catch one of the extra goodies which we will randomly put to the orders. Watch out!

Some of you might have heard about Georgy Whistler over Crates of AG where he had a few Remix Projects along with Frankensteeno. Normally his production reaches just a handful of people around him. He is not that type of guy who makes a lot of ballyhoo about his work. But he's still making beats everyday. I never met someone who's sitting on so many unheard jewels. As Georgy is a longtime Crooked Cat Fam Member and a part of the StumpfsinnMafia we thought it might be a smart way to bless you with a small treat out of his treasure chest over this platform. This time Georgy shares 13 mellow tunes with you. Enjoy his nice package, share it and if you wanna support Georgy, give him a Penny. ..

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