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Tredici Bacci Draw Inspiration From 70's Euro Cinema For "The Thirteen Kisses EP"
Tredici Bacci Draw Inspiration From 70's Euro Cinema For "The Thirteen Kisses EP"

"Tredici Bacci, a 14-piece group of musicians all under the age of 30, sounds, to the thoughtful listener, like a celebration. A celebration not of a genre of music, but rather of an era, and, more specifically, the aspects of an era which perhaps have been glossed over by conventional history. Tredici Bacci is celebrating the strange, somewhat seedy, schmaltzy and smooth aspects of 1960s-70s popular culture - our songs are cries in honor to the many artifacts which seem now to be the strange leavings of a recently liberated nation - nay, the sensuous oddities leftover from an entirely different world! Tredicci Bacci is a living homage to french pornography, to italian slasher films, to pop psychedelia! A musical shrine dedicated to bright colors! flugelhorns! sing-song and sexy dialogue! To the Mondo! Absurd romanticism! The sumptuous beauty of strings, to never-ending sambas, to the breakdown of western civilization! Up with Ennio! Up with Bacharach! Let our cries be heard and let no man nor woman forget that they were meant to be sexy! To be sultry! To cry tears of lost love over a backdrop of paisley and powder blue! Huzzah!
"The Thirteen Kisses EP" is only a hint of what is in store."

released 16 July 2013
Sami Stevens and Camille Avery - Voices
Jake Baldwin - Trumpet
Daniel Pencer - Tenor Saxophone and Flute
Borey Shin - Accordion
Alec Watson - Piano, Harpsichord and Organ
Samuel Lisbeth - Nylon String Guitar
Simon Hanes - Electric Guitar
Jesse Heasly - Bass
Ethan T. Parcell - Drums
Diamanda LaBerge Dramm and Abigale Reisman - Violins
Alexandra Simpson - Viola
Daniel Parker - Violoncello

All Compositions by Simon Hanes
Produced by Ted Reichman

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