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"Love" by Asante Amin (featuring Salima on vocals)
"Love" by Asante Amin (featuring Salima on vocals)

With limitless vision and expansive music which merges Southern Trap with Jazz, Funk, Dance and Soul, Asante Amin delivers a unique sound that moves beyond boundaries. Be inspired by the musical message of this New Orleans Musician/Composer/Educator based as he shows love using a Jazz-Hop approach to express one of the greatest aspects of life.

Salima - Vocals.
Omar Abdul Karim - Trumpet
Mathew Hartnett - Trombone
David Rosenthal - Guitar
Parker McAllister - Bass
Cinque Kemp - Drums
Warren Fields - Piano
Sean Banks - Percusioin
Asante Amin - Talk box, vocoder, synths, Sax and Flute

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