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Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild - "Silk Pyramids" LP Stream + Interview/Freestyle at Halftime Radio
Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild - "Silk Pyramids" LP Stream + Interview/Freestyle at Halftime Radio

"From the gutters of New York City comes the BQE ( Bronx Queens Experience) connect of Meyhem Lauren and legendary Bronx DITC producer extraordinaire Buckwild. The duo get there Batman and Robin on over 13 tracks of knock featuring appearances from fellow Outdoorsman Acttion Bronson, AG The Coronor, Queens cohort and former Das Racist Heems, Brooklyn's Troy ave and RetcH amongst others. This record was put together strictly out of the mutual musical respect Mey and Buck had for each other. Connected by mutual friend Dante Ross and left to they're own devices Mey and Buck created a mutually dusted/ brutal soundscape and today they unleash it on the unsuspecting world."

Enjoy the album stream of "Silk Pyramids" and stream/download Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild's interview with The Halftime Show hosted by DJ Eclipse on June 4, 2014 here as they promote and play new music from the album. This episode features Mey rhyming live over classic Buckwild beats.

Halftime Show tracklist:

10:33 PM J Rawls "One Time (ft. Wordsworth) (prod. by Mighty DJ DR)" CD
10:34 PM 38 Spesh "The Meeting (Problems Or Peace) (ft. Kool G Rap) (prod. and cuts by DJ Premier)" CD
10:37 PM Skyzoo & Torae "The Aura (prod. by DJ Premier(" CD
10:43 PM Cormega "Industry (prod. by Large Professor)" CD
10:43 PM Price Stylez "This Thing Of Ours" CD
10:48 PM First Division "Work Force (prod. by Marco Polo)" CD
10:53 PM Fel Sweetenberg "The Name Itself (prod. by DJ Brans, cuts by DJ Djaz)" CD
10:54 PM Smoovth "Last Breath" CD
10:57 PM DJ Dister "Regardless (ft. The Artifacts) (cuts by DJ Stylewars)" CD
11:03 PM Slum Village "We On The Go (ft. Black Milk & Frank Nitt) (prod. by Black Milk)" CD
11:04 PM Phantogram "Fall in Love (ft. Audible Doctor) (Audible Doctor Remix)" CD
11:07 PM Meyhem Lauren "Q.U. Cartilage (prod. by Buckwild)" CD
11:11 PM Meyhem Lauren "Been Official (prod. by Buckwild)" CD
11:57 PM D.I.T.C. "Casualties Of Dice Game (ft. Big L) (Buckwild Remix)" CD
11:57 PM Meyhem Lauren "100 MPH (ft. Action Bronson) (prod. by Buckwild)" CD
11:58 PM Meyhem Lauren "Narcotics Anonymous (ft. Heems) (prod. by Buckwild)" CD
11:58 PM The Roots "Black Rock (ft. Dice Raw)" CD
12:05 AM Skyzoo & Torae "Triangle Offense (ft. Sha Stimuli) (prod. by Illmind)" CD
12:06 AM Kalishnakov & Kush "Rediculous (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso, & Bekay)" CD
12:07 AM L'Orange "Need You (ft. Blu)" CD
12:07 AM L'Orange "The End (ft. Billy Woods)" CD
12:43 AM L'Orange "Mind Vs. Matter (ft. Homeboy Sandman)" CD
12:43 AM L'Orange & Stik Figa "We Were Heroes (cuts by DJ Iron)" CD
12:44 AM J Rawls "Best Producer On The MIc Part II (ft. Oddissee, Nottz, & Blueprint)" CD
12:47 AM Apathy "The Curse Of The Kennedys" CD
12:48 AM Reckless "Green Eyed Monster (ft. Cappo, Dotz & 1st Blood)" CD

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