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Singer/Songwriter Amelia Hope Thrills WIth Her 007 Score "Perplex City"
Singer/Songwriter Amelia Hope Thrills WIth Her 007 Score "Perplex City"

Born in 1985, Amelia Hope is a singer, lyricist & song-writer who started her musical journey in her late teens.Though her style is a fusion of pop-soul, funk & blues, she writes & composes melodies for a variety of genres.

After various collaborations, she is now totally focused on her own solo plan: the launch of her 1st E.P., “PerplexCity” & the Music Video of her track “Story of my Life”! First original track released to the public, from Amelia's first EP: "PerplexCity".

Having the same title as the EP, the song describes the concept of the album. 'Perplexity" means 'confusion' - "Perplex City", to the artist means 'city of confusion' - this track is a message of 'Welcome' to Amelia's followers, into her city of moods.. because the EP will feature a fusion of genres to promote the versatility of the artist, be it for the singing or for the song-writing aspect. Hence, this track is not necessarily a mirror image of the genre of Hope's EP, but the opening soundtrack of "PerplexCity".

Like this tune? Then follow Amelia Hope on Facebook (, SoundCloud ( and Twitter ( and stay tuned for more tracks from her EP.. lots more to be launched! ;)

James Bond at 50 artwork by Dwynn Trazo

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