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Hip Hop Icons Meet Popular U.S. Advertising Brands, Graphic Design by Jonny Haines
Hip Hop Icons Meet Popular U.S. Advertising Brands, Graphic Design by Jonny Haines

By JR on 8:01 AM

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"It came to me one day like so many ideas often do, at random, thinking about why the Wu-Tang clan never did a design encorporating their logo with the Adidas brand. Both have a very similar shape and are both incredibly iconic in their own arenas. After executing that piece which is the first piece in this collection, I started thinking about other famous and iconic brands and rappers, and what they would look like if they ever met, or were "mashed up" so to speak. I am after all a student of two schools. The school of branding and the old school. So my experiment in design continued well into the night until I spawned what you see before you. 9 iconic pieces, based on 9 iconic rappers. I really like the direction it is heading in and will continue to expand it.

The last piece in the first series of Mashed Up is based on two staples in the life of any hip-hop officionato. Biggie Smalls has always been hailed as the original hip-hop master, and considered by many to be the greatest rapper who ever lived, his music is a favorite of many people from a variety of ages. Much like Nintendo has been present in the lives of the last three generations of children and is popular still with both young and older people. So the decission was simple when it came to the mash up. Two old staples that have served as inspiration for many young people over the last 3 decades." - Jonny Haines

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