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Soul Child Foster Sylvers Speaks About "Misdemeanor", Songwriting, Family & Industry
Soul Child Foster Sylvers Speaks About "Misdemeanor", Songwriting, Family & Industry

By JR on 5:14 AM

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That unmistakable kid's voice heard on the 70's classics "Misdemeanor" and numerous songs with The Sylvers has now grown up and reflects upon a soulful journey of music. 2012 singer Foster Sylvers reflects upon his career both as a solo artist and creating history with his family, giving behind the scenes details of songwriting, production, family memories and various dealings within the music industry. Collectively The Sylvers were an outstanding source of Soul music based upon the unified talent of siblings and producer father Leon Sylvers III who created songs that touch the emotional core with joy. As a soloist, little Foster remains known for touching listeners with music that expresses a child's heart like none other.

As a competitor with another emerging family Soul group, The Sylvers were considered to be similar to The Jackson 5. In this interview, Foster speaks on the relationship which his family had with The Jacksons and how it effected each others music.

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