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Funky Flutes: "Fried Feta" by Epirus Quartet
Funky Flutes: "Fried Feta" by Epirus Quartet

By JR on 12:43 PM

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This breakbeat-heavy Jazz-Funk tune is one of my favorites and a taste of what you'll find on Epirus Quartet's “Transatlantic” LP. From slow paced Soul-Jazz to upbeat Funk and Afro-inspired grooves, this Austin band radiate rawness in music for an expressive approach and style driven by soulful sound, fusion and memorable improvisation.

The Band: Epirus Quartet (Texas, TX)

Nikolas Bouklas (tenor saxophone, flute)
Nate ‘Count’ Basinger (organ)
Brad Houser (bass guitar)
Michael Ingber (drums)

Appearing: Ryan Allen (baritone saxophone)
Adrian Quesada (electric guitar)

Composition: Nikolas Bouklas + Charalampos Tyropoulos

Engineered: Adrian Quesada + Sam Patlove @ Big Orange Studios

Mixed: Adrian Quesada @ Level One Studios

Mastered: Sam Patlove @ Fresh Up Studios

Produced: Adrian Quesada

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