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Drift Away To The "Resonant Sounds" Of Producer Joseph Jacobs
Drift Away To The "Resonant Sounds" Of Producer Joseph Jacobs

By JR on 12:56 PM

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Let your imagination visualize images and emotion through the compositions of Joseph Jacobs who brings a pleasant journey in progressive beatmaking. "Resonant Sounds" draws upon serene moods and beautiful progressions which are backed by the unmistakable thump of Hip Hop as Jacobs merges smooth sonics with the nod-factor. You can expect 11 jazzy hip-hop/ soulful instrumentals (8 tracks which have never been released yet). For more sounds, be sure to download /stream Joseph's other albums:

▶ In The Early Hours:
▶ Illumination:
▶ Many Reasons:
▶ Better Frame of Mind:

All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Joseph Jacobs
Distributed by Roots of Society Records

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