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Progressive Rock Band Polyphia Release "Muse"
Progressive Rock Band Polyphia Release "Muse"

By JR on 9:39 AM

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"This is such a thematic album. Each song could be a theme for an entire album. Sweet Tea has a particularly moving solo where one note was probably the best placed single note I've heard in a long while. Much grooviness too. It's metal with a bit of funk thrown in the mix" - Brendan Riley


"Coming to you from the heart of North Texas, the fast-rising instrumental quartet known as Polyphia is bringing a deadly dose of CATCHY to the forefront of music. Between evocative, emotionally stimulating melodies, powerful rhythms, and thick, soulful bass licks, you'll have these songs stuck in your head for years to come.

With the September 2014 release of their debut full-length album "MUSE", this group of young musicians just took the rule book of modern music and ripped it into a million pieces. Seamlessly blending the powerful elements of progressive rock with the catchy hooks of mainstream music, this strong collection of Epics takes the listener on an emotional journey through places nobody knew existed. "Obviously we wanted to write something extremely unique," says guitarist Tim Henson, "but we also wanted it to be accessible in a way that would unite people of different tastes... An album that literally EVERYONE- from your friends at school to your elderly grandmother- could appreciate." The record contains a variety of material from the euphoric intensity of "87" to the emotional roller coaster "Finale", and also boasts an insane roster of guest guitarists. Aaron Marshall of Intervals, Chelsea Grin's Jason Richardson, and Canadian solo guitarist Nick Johnston are only a few of the highly acclaimed players featured on this colorful record."

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