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A-Ha - "Take On Me" (The Starkiller's Rum & Coke Aha-Erlebnis)
A-Ha - "Take On Me" (The Starkiller's Rum & Coke Aha-Erlebnis)

Trading the upbeat pulse of the original for a swaying rhythm and authentic Caribbean music vibe, Starkiller Records create a moment for you to lounge in their remix of A-Ha's "Take On Me". Shake your cocktail maker. It's the special feeling you get from Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail. Forget business school, you can always mix it up in the Caribbean...

For Record Store Day 2017 and the 30th anniversary of "Take On Me", Rhino Records reissues this A-Ha classic to a limited-edition picture disc. Featuring pictures from their famous music video, this special release embodies 80's Pop nostalgia, with the original single version of "Take On Me" and a live version recorded for Dermot O'Leary's Saturday Sessions on BBC Radio 2, first broadcast on 25th July, 2009.

Get your copy fast, this collectors item is limited to 3000 copies.

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