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Kid Tsunami & Wildelux Attack The Wack On "Culture Vultures"
Kid Tsunami & Wildelux Attack The Wack On "Culture Vultures"

By JR on 4:25 PM

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Kid Tsunami and Wildelux play judge and jury against the common industry parasites who threaten Hip Hop's livelihood, uniting to use truth and boom-bap as their weapon on "Culture Vultures". This isn't your ordinary Hip Hop song taking aim at the industry, Tsunami brings surprises on production which stays loyal to classic sample-based sound but also goes the extra length to tell Wildelux's story using next-level arrangement.

Hailing from Perth, Australia comes beatmaker/producer extraordinaire Kid Tsunami. A beast on his MPC2000XL, the kid is a wax fiend, sampling ‘70s jazz, soul and funk to formulate his ‘boom bap’ style concoctions. Signed to Brooklyn’s Headbop Music.

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