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"The Wormhole Trilogy" by Mega Trife & Nonsense
"The Wormhole Trilogy" by Mega Trife & Nonsense

This lyrically enlightening project by Mega Trife & Nonsense challenges the art of storytelling in Hip Hop as the duo merge world travels and famous history with beats and rhymes. Enter "The Wormhole Trilogy", an impressive work of cinematic Hip Hop and edutainment:

"This project is a musical journey through different events and/or places in time giving a first person view of slavery (Slaves), the Roman Empire (Gladiator), and various places and historical events throughout the world as a whole (World Traveler).

By the conclusion of the trilogy, the songs prove to be interconnected by bars on 'World Traveler' such as "...picking cotton is what's happening now, but you seen that through my eyes already, heard the story out of my mouth..." and "...I fought lions in Rome, they made a movie, Russell Crowe played me..." alluding to 'Slaves' and 'Gladiator' respectively. " - Mega Trife & Nonsense

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