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The Brand New Heavies Get Funky For A Cover Of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"
The Brand New Heavies Get Funky For A Cover Of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"

Get up to the sound of British Acid Jazz innovators The Brand New Heavies as they draw inspiration from Disco and Funk to bring incredibly soulful harmonies for an escape to the dance floor on "Sweet Freaks".

More about the album from earMUSIC:

"The eleven tracks featured on the quartet’s tenth studio album “Sweet Freaks” are just the latest proof of that – full of irresistible grooves, well thought-out melodies and as much lively energy and enthusiasm as on any of their highly successful early outings. “Sweet Freaks” is going to be released on October 24th, 2014 on earMUSIC.

An important part of what makes this album so lively as well as classy and all around enjoyable is The Brand New Heavies’ voice, provided by the beautiful and wonderful Dawn Joseph. Jersey Born,Dawn debuted on 2013’s “Forward”, still sharing vocal duties with the band’s original lead singer N’Dea Davenport. Since then Joseph has come into her own in a big way. Just listen to her go on tracks like “In the Name of Love”, “Self Portrait” or “Get On”. Hers is a self-assured, powerful and also immensely versatile voice.

The album’s title song “Sweet Freeek” makes clear what the album is all about: irresistible melodies that get stuck to your head for days to come. The album doesn’t lose any of the band’s trademark sound but spikes it up with fresh, crispy grooves. In other words: it’s full of tunes which your head simply can’t resist to bob along to."

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