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"A Part Of Me EP" by Kei Owada
"A Part Of Me EP" by Kei Owada

"A Part Of Me EP" presents the laid-back vibe of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Kei Owada who soothes with a great escape of quality time Soul music. Kei's performance and imagination for visualizing the beauty of life captivates as she presents good vibrations in a multi-lingual approach to songwriting which transports the listener to a comfort zone.

Produce,Vocals & Tambourine : Kei Owada
Bass: Kenji Tokunaga, Keys: Andre Chez Lewis, Guitars: JT Maple,Drums: Alex Drunt
Synth programming: Tadashi Hirosawa(M1), Backing Vocal: Inhyeok Yeo (M2)

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