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Audessey Of Soundsci Transforms Into The Serial Rhyme Killa "Jack Jones"
Audessey Of Soundsci Transforms Into The Serial Rhyme Killa "Jack Jones"

By JR on 12:40 PM

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"The first in the single series for the chronicles of "Jack Jones" on WorldExpo Records.

Like a couple of shots of fine malt the two pack punch found on this exclusive World Expo
release is bound to give any serious hip-hop fan that perfect kind of buzz to make you feel just
right. Shaping his flow and craftsmanship for many years as a founding member of one of the
illest crews around with Soundsci and as part of a duo with A Cat Called Fritz, Audessey now sets
out to take listeners into a new, exciting realm with another solo endeavor.

Already well used to rocking mics, writing lyrics, and killing beats "Jack Jones" and "Motivate &
Move" both serves as ample proof that the VA-born (ATL based) rhyme poet are more than able to hold it down with or without a crew behind his back. Working with new musical collaborators Simon S. (Futuristica Music) and Tris "Ol' English" Browne, this release also shows Audessey's ear for finding fresh producers whose work enables him to tap into his creative zenith and in turn convey
everything that make you love hip-hop on WorldExpo records!"

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