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"Born Lupers EP" by The Mouse Outfit & Mattic
"Born Lupers EP" by The Mouse Outfit & Mattic

This Hip-Hop production team and live band from Manchester create an outstanding sound driven by the witty flow of Mattic and jazzy bounce of The Mouse Outfit. As a live band, this unit evoke good vibes reminiscent of Slum Village and Jazzy Jeff's "The Magnificent" LP as neck-snapping drums and mellow melodic grooves which sound like samples serve as the foundation of Mattic's entertaining flow and carefree perspective of life.

Produced by Pitch
Vocals by Mattic
Vocals by Astrid (Tracks 2,5)
Keyboards by Ashley Henry (Tracks 4,6,8)
Bass by Sam Vicary (Track 8)
Mixed + Mastered by Naive

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