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"Mellow, Mellow Right On" Japanese R&B/Soul Compilation by Free Soul Origami Productions
"Mellow, Mellow Right On" Japanese R&B/Soul Compilation by Free Soul Origami Productions

By JR on 7:13 AM

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Free Soul compiled by Toru Hashimoto celebrates the gift of unity and the ability for music to set you free as soulful musicians from Japan unite with guests for an outstanding journey. Hear the sound of a collective who appreciate numerous styles of Soul and merge each into a vibe to make your quality time memorable.

The tracklist reads as a who's who of emerging vocalists and instrumentalists to look out for in 2014 and beyond as Free Soul gather the talents of acclaimed artists such as pianist Kan Sano, vocalist Nicholas Ryan Gant, MC/producer Kev Brown, 20syl and more!

Disc 01
01. Ponta De Areia laidbook
02. Take U To Somewhere Ovall
03. Inside Your Love Shingo Suzuki
04. Him mabanua feat. Tamala
05. Long Walk Kan Sano
06. Mysterious Journey 45
07. Interlude #2 mabanua
08. I Need Your Music Ovall feat. Hanah
09. Sunrise Shingo Suzuki feat. Marina P and Blanco Nice
10. Bustle mabanua
11. You Are Music laidbook
12. Nothing Feels Better Than You 45 feat. Jimmy Abney
13. Mystery mabanua feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
14. Resurrection laidbook
15. Love Sick mabanua feat. Eshe of Arrested Development
16. I Only Want You laidbook feat. Think Twice, Schubert and Manchilde
17. Sole Muzic 45 feat. Suji Tap
18. Eternal Sunshine Shingo Suzuki
19. Endless River Kan Sano
20. Iae Pt.2 laidbook
21. Moon Beams Ovall
22. Outro ~Theme From The Beginning~ laidbook

Disc 02
01. Multifacette (Poetry by Blanco Nice) laidbook
02. The World Is Wideopen thirdiq
03. I Hear The Music (Of The Next World Remix) laidbook feat. Maru
04. A Letter From My Girl 45
05. Until You Know mabanua feat. Jesse Boykins III
06. Out Of Date laidbook
07. Struttin' 45
08. Come Closer Kan Sano
09. Holdin' It Down (mabanua Remix) mabanua feat. Kev Brown
10. Mind Games (Done) Ovall feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
11. Dream About You mabanua
12. Butterfly laidbook
13. I Believe 45 feat. Stephanie McKay
14. Supalover Ovall feat. 20syl and David Le Deunff of Hocus Pocus
15. Que Chevere ! 45
16. Song Bird Kan Sano
17. N.E.E.T. mabanua
18. Lucky Day 45 feat. Ray Mann from The Ray Mann Three
19. 4a.m. thirdiq

Compiled by Toru Hashimoto for Suburbia Factory

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