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Stream "Truck Jewels & Filters" EP by K-Hill & Debonair P
Stream "Truck Jewels & Filters" EP by K-Hill & Debonair P

It's verbal assault with rhymes rippin' through the mix as K-Hill's anointed flow blesses the beats of Debonair P on their full-length LP "Truck Jewels & Filters" EP. Whenever he writes, K-Hill comes up with an exciting degree if aggression, style and skill to make you take notice if you seek a standard of MC reminiscent of a hungry and emerging talent from The Golden Era. With jazzy sound and raw sonic qualities which emphasizes the beauty of beats made using a simple palette, "Truck Jewels & Filters" showcases Debonair P's classic approach to production complete with scratch hooks to compliment the rhymes of K and guests Prince Po and Omniscence. This powerful combination of art and love of timeless sound makes for a memorable listen as a few MCs with a pen and a vision dream and aspire on "Truck Jewels & Filters" EP.

"Truck Jewels & Filters" EP now available on colored vinyl and CD here at UGHH

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