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Listen To Stylin' Radio feat. Guests Maseo of De La Soul & Sauce81
Listen To Stylin' Radio feat. Guests Maseo of De La Soul & Sauce81

In Stylin' fashion, Australian DJ Ennio Styles merges legendary musical mainstays with modern innovators. With raw beats, warm and ruff synth, rugged instrumentation and smooth vocals, sauce81 gives deep soul and funkness to his machine grooves. Maseo Of De La Soul brings an inspiring knowledge of music and turntable skills along with a humorous and likable persona as an unforgettable voice who is known as 1/3rd of the legendary Hip Hop trio De La Soul.

1. Ahmed Sirour - The Mourning After [--] (Free-Stylin' download)
2. Osunlade - Til U Burnin Up Pt. I [Yoruba]
3. Potatohead People - Blue Charms [Bastard Jazz]
4. Cori Jacobs - Everybody Have a Latte [Masterfader]
5. Sonzeira - America Latina (FaltyDL Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
6. Treacherous Three - Body Rock [Enjoy]
7. De La Soul - Me Myself & I (Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
8. De La Soul - The Magic Number [Tommy Boy]
9. De La Soul - Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
10. De La Soul - Keepin' the Faith (Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
11. Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations [Sun-Glo]
12. De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays [Tommy Boy]
13. The Rebirth - Evil Vibrations (12" version) [Ubiquity]
14. Fat Loop - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays [Dimid]
15. De La Soul - All Good? (Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
16. De La Soul - Bionix (Instrumental) [Tommy Boy]
17. De La Soul feat Chuck D - The People [AOI]
18. De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa (Full Mix) [Tommy Boy]
19. De La Soul - I Am I Be [Tommy Boy]
20. De La Soul - Trying People [Tommy Boy]
- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -
21. Cori Jacobs - Everybody Have a Latte [Masterfader]
22. Marc Cary Focus Trio & Friends - Free Spirit [--]
23. Taylor Louis & The Legacy - Time Again [--]
24. Sauce81 - Fade Away (Live in Stylin') [--]
25. Sauce81 - Stop Lovin' (Live in Stylin') [--]
26. Sauce81 - Sign of Secret Love (Live in Stylin') [--]
27. Sauce81 - You Know it Baby (Live in Stylin') [--]
28. N'gaho Ta'quia - I Ain't Your [Disques Cordes]
29. 77 Karat Gold - Love [Jazzy Sport]
30. Sauce81 - Natural Thing [e22]

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