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Mad Skillz & Bink! - "Made In Virginia" (Spotify Album Stream)
Mad Skillz & Bink! - "Made In Virginia" (Spotify Album Stream)

By JR on 12:34 PM

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The cinematic Soul sound of renowned Roc producer Bink! meets the outstanding wit, punchline and storytelling ability of Mad Skillz on "Made In Virginia". Two talents from the same city serve as a match which balance well in beats and rhymes as Skillz's entertaining flow and ideas are supported by each soundscape which Bink! brings as a duo who paint pictures of joy, struggle, fun and celebration of life through Hip Hop.

In Skillz's rhymes, it's clear he sees life as a balance with progression being a gift to be pursued. He demonstrates both creatively by maturing in sound from his debut in '96 to this bigger and more visual expression of beats and rhymes in 2015. Download "Made In Virginia " here at iTunes.

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