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Calaminus & StringBurner - "Sharing The Way" (feat. Jamie Rhind)
Calaminus & StringBurner - "Sharing The Way" (feat. Jamie Rhind)

Enjoy the vibe as these three musicians share the way to happiness with their inspiring Jazz-Funk sound in a 2015 jam session. Here is what the keyboardist and composer Julien Apelian has to say:

"At the beginning, Jamie and I wanted to create a jam session with 3 keyboardists. We started the track with Calaminus at the organ solo, Jamie at the trombone patch and me at the electric piano. Later, Mirko "StringBurner" joined us on the bass, bring us beautiful bass arrangements and an outstanding solo. Thanks to Mirko and thanks to Jamie Rhind & Calaminus for their amazing keyboards solos."

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