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"Endless Winter" by June Marx & Resolute feat. DJ Ambideckstriks
"Endless Winter" by June Marx & Resolute feat. DJ Ambideckstriks

"Freezing, merciless winds blow across desolate landscapes. A never ending blizzard covers the land with snow. It takes determination, strength and the will to survive to make it in this modern world. "Endless Winter" captures the mind state of determined souls enduring the harsh realities of present day living.

Independent hip hop artists June Marx (Brooklyn,NY), Resolute (Chicago,IL) and DJ Ambideckstriks (Chicago,IL) prepare to launch the "Heavy Artillery Tour" from Chicago, Illinois on February 24th. An album entitled "Endless Winter" was recorded by June Marx and Resolute in Fallout Shelter Studios in Chicago and limited tour edition copies will be available on the tour. The album is a mixture of Modern Warfare tactics, introspective street tales and personal reflections. Producers on the project include Memo (of Molemen), Stoma Emsi, BBZ Darney, June Marx and Symphonik Bang. DJ Ambideckstriks, a Midwest tournament champion, lends his scratching skills on the majority of the album." - Torchbearer Records

June Marx, Resolute, DJ Ambideckstriks, Naomi Hunt

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