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J-Live - "His Own Self" Album Stream & Interview With The Library
J-Live - "His Own Self" Album Stream & Interview With The Library

This week on The Library, Tim talks to J-Live about his new album "His Own Self" which was completely self produced. Tim and J-Live discuss almost every track on the album including the track "I Am Man" which serves as J's open letter to abusive police as well as their apologists and supporters. What inspired him to write this record?

"When things are documented and it's right there for everybody to see and there's still no indictments, not convictions, no remorse, then it becomes so blatant for the whole world to see what's going on....I didn't want to focus on any one particular case, as much as allude to those cases without naming names because it is always somebody...I wanted to try to keep the song as timeless as the topic because when things happen in the future you can still go back to that song and it doesn't necessarily become the Ferguson song, or the Florida song, or the L.A. Song, or the New York song but so much the National song...This is what we're after, this is what's unacceptable; this is what must stop...Just because there's inherent fear of black people because of the way we're perceived in the media, you cannot let that be an excuse for excessive force, or lethal force when it comes to enforcing a law. It can't be like that. We have an human right and a constitutional right to due process and to be treated equally."

All songs written, performed, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by J-Live his own self

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