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Stream "Music" The Album by Singer/Songwriter Ellene Masri feat. Sir GANT
Stream "Music" The Album by Singer/Songwriter Ellene Masri feat. Sir GANT

"Ellene Masri has provided me the opportunity to concentrate on a style of music I do not get to hear often: as well as offering incredible Jazz movements, Masri incorporates Folk, Acoustic, World music and Contemporary elements - the resultant sounds are among the most emotive, personal and stunning around. Masri’s stunning and mesmerizing beauty is reflected in her music: she has experienced a lot of heartache and change; choosing to filter it into her music, it not only acts as a form of release- it is designed to hit the listener and seduce them completely. (...) Masri’s current album is filled with rich and gorgeous tracks that we can relate to and appreciate.

Masri does not simply do what Jazz/Acoustic contemporaries do: her intelligence, sense of composition and diversity has shades of the U.S. giants- she employs various illustrious musicians into the mix (like Steely Dan) to ensure her songs are the finest and most invigorating they can be. There are a few female (and male) artists that play similar music: I feel that none manage to instill the same blend of culture, originality and passion into their music. Masri not only allows access to her heart, thoughts and inner-most confessions; she takes you on a tour of the globe: inspired by the sounds of Africa, the U.S., Europe and Brazil, the listener is treated to a cornucopia of sounds and flavours. " - Sam Liddicott (Music Musing And Such) , UK

Enjoy the album stream of "Music" by Ellne Masri and show your support at her Kickstarter where she is promoting a campaign to bring a music video to fruition. Musical Director for this project is “Sir GANT”, legendary producer and incredible musician, known for arranging the grammy award winning masterpiece “Sweet Love” from Anita Baker.

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