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Take The "Night Off" With The Hybrid Funk Of New York Band The Los
Take The "Night Off" With The Hybrid Funk Of New York Band The Los

An interesting collage of musical influence and fusion runs throughout the soulful sound of "Night Off" by The Los. With elements of Jazz-Funk and JB's-inspired Funk paired with Psychedelic Rock and an uplifting vocal approach reminiscent of the Average White Band and The Doobie Brothers, this band cross genres of music freely from song to song and within song for a truly exciting and surprising journey.

All songs written and arranged by Tha Los

Tha Los - Vocals, Bass
A.J. Holmes - Keys
Brent DiRoma - Guitar
Jamie Eblen - Drums, Percussion
Alex Bender - Trumpet
Andrew Gould - Alto Sax
Paul Jones - Tenor Sax
Jimmy O'Connell - Trombone
Jamie Lee - Backup Vocals
Devon Perry - Backup Vocals

Additional Percussion by A.J. Holmes, Brent DiRoma, and Tha Los
Additional Keys by Andrew Fox, Tom Rosato, and Tha Los

Produced by Andrew Fox and Tha Los
Mixed and mastered by Tom Rosato

Album art by Corinna Chiccoli
Artist logo by Fuad Tabet

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