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Video: Lord Finesse Demonstrates MPC Production Live For DubSpot
Video: Lord Finesse Demonstrates MPC Production Live For DubSpot

"In this first episode of Beat Bang Theory, Dubspot Instructor Shareef Islam welcomes Lord Finesse, influential hip-hop artist, producer, DJ, and founder of the legendary Diggin’ in the Crates (D.I.T.C.) crew.

Enter Dubspot’s dojo and join Shareef and Lord as they talk about the art of sampling and sound design from vinyl records. Watch as Finesse takes us through his workflow from listening to records and finding sounds to creating his signature sound. Soak in some wisdom from the master sampling craftsmen as Finesse shares his approach to tailor-making music from vinyl records using Ableton Live and Akai’s flagship MPC Renaissance. Take a ride through hip-hop history as Finesse talks about some favorite record he produced and a few pioneers of early hip-hop production that has influenced him. Gain a new respect for early age techniques of sampling and some insight into music production as a Crate Digger.

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