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Alex Puddu featuring Joe Bataan - "Soultiger" (Spotify Album Stream)
Alex Puddu featuring Joe Bataan - "Soultiger" (Spotify Album Stream)

The mind behind edgy and dark soundtrack Funk projects such as "The Golden Age of Danish Pornography" Vol. 1 & 2 and "Registrazioni al Buio" flips the script to deliver a groovy summer love vibe with Latin vocalist Joe Bataan on "Soultiger". As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and a true funk addict, Alex Puddu is an expert on atmosphere and mood in creating cinematic funk music.

Journey with this duo on a hot July through New York as Puddu captures the essence of inner-city escapism in music which Bataan is known for. "Soultiger" excites like the anticipation of going to a summer block party in the city with an upbeat fusion of thumping Latin-influenced rhythm and 70's soundtrack-style Funk, driven by an overall cheerful approach on arrangement.

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