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"Broadcast One" by Memory Man feat. Edan, Prince Po, Mr. Lif, Kool Kieth
"Broadcast One" by Memory Man feat. Edan, Prince Po, Mr. Lif, Kool Kieth

Memory Man digs deep in the crates and into his imagination with the assistance of some talented MCs for the experimental "Broadcast One". For a refreshing yet nostalgic sound of Hip Hop, Memory gets conceptual by fusing elements of American pop culture with the original boom-bap to put a warped perspective on classic television, dusty breaks and sharp rhyme flows.

"Television: an unparalleled blending of science and art. The touchstone of reality. The vivid pulsating miracle that gives substance to shadow."

The Angry Bee Network is on the air! Get your TV fix with our original programming ranging from cartoons and made-for-television movies to surrealist talk shows and live news reports. Features include (in order of appearance) Edan, Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, Blaise B., Busdriver, MC Paul Barman, Prince Po & Mr. Lif.

Limited vinyl edition available at
released 08 January 2015

Produced, Directed, Cast, Mixed & Skratched by network president Memory Man.

Cover Design by Jon Hunt
Photography by Rachel Rosen
Collage by Eli Elkin
Additional Vocals by Jessica Simon

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