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Baltimore Soul: The Music Of Dionne Kirby, Butch and Rhonda Coleman
Baltimore Soul: The Music Of Dionne Kirby, Butch and Rhonda Coleman

It's destination straight ahead as three talented songwriters bring soulful sounds and positive vibes to drive your rhythm of life. Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Dionne Kirby & Butch and Rhonda Coleman create a world where everything's perfect with pleasant harmonies and reassuring lyrics to soothe your soul. Daydream a dream over and over again as these rising talents lend their imagination as a means to change your life through music.

"Singer, songwriter and producer Dionne Kirby (professionally known as Dionne), is a contemporary soul-singing recording artist, whose songwriting skills caught the attention of Billboard, with her first EP release “Living In The Music”. Dionne has performed in various major cities throughout the U. S. including: New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Atlanta and has graced the stage with respected entertainers in the industry, such as Jennifer Holliday, Jillian Michaels, Tanya Blount and Niecy Nash. With her upcoming new album being released independently, Dionne will captivate audiences with her signature melodic vibrations and uplifting lyrical content."

"Hailing from Baltimore, MD, contemporary/smooth jazz artists Butch and Rhonda Coleman are soulful songwriters whose coolly creative musicianship has created an atmosphere of positive energy and harmony. On their latest release, “Night Sketches,” Butch’s soothing bass and Rhonda’s vocals take the listener through the many turns of love. Opening your heart with “Here I Go” and gliding it through “Carry My Heart” and “We Belong Together”, each song teaches the lesson that when it comes to love, you don’t get to choose."

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