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Daniela Casa - "SOCIETA' MALATA" LP, 1975 Deneb original 1st press
Daniela Casa - "SOCIETA' MALATA" LP, 1975 Deneb original 1st press

"Mental and so deep into Daniela Casa's genius compositions Italian Library from the vaults of infamous Flipper music, home of some of the best Library labels ever like Deneb, Flirt, Canopo. Recently reissued, this masterpiece has remained quite obscure since its recent re-release as many Libraries out there. Soundtracking mankind's spiraling descent into corruption and wickedness, and more specifically, the troubled Post-Psychedelic world of 1970s,

Casa's innovative approach takes in Ambient, Electronics, Psychedelia, Experimental music and all sorts of experimentations in sound she dealed with. Groundbreaking LP as all Daniela Casa's productions with usual consistent percussions sessions, drums Breaks and Avant-garde/Experimental Electronics tinged with Fuzz guitar solos." - Armagideon Times, owner of SONOR Music Editions

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