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London All Stars - "BRITISH PERCUSSION" LP, 1966 Barclay Records Original Italian Press.
London All Stars - "BRITISH PERCUSSION" LP, 1966 Barclay Records Original Italian Press.

"Much rarer SHINY NEW original Italian Press with different amazing artwork, heavy cardboard front-laminated sleeve and original RCA company Inner Sleeve. "LIVING STEREO" HQ audio recording, originally recorded in London Pye studios, feb 23th 1966.

Mythological album with one the first-ever appearences of a very young Led Zeppelin's legend Jimmy Page here 21 years old. This incredible record compiled and produced by english drummer and producer Bobby Graham collects all the best english musicians of the time put together in one big orchestra composed of 25 elements named "London All Star". As reported on back sleeve liner notes:

"On the cold and frosty morning of the 23rd of February 1965, 25 musicians assembled at Pye recording studios in London for what was to be one of the finest recording dates of the year. Flexing his not inconsiderable muscles, arranger Nicky Welsh set to work one month after Xmas 1964 to arrange the music for a powerhouse line up of the finest musicians in England”

List of all musicians:

Alan Weighel - bass guitar,
Jimmy Page - Solo Guitar,
Johnnie Mac Cloughlin - Rhytm Guitar,
Kenny Salomon - Organ,
Arthur Greenslade - Piano,
Ronnie Verrall - Drums,
Andy White - Drums,
Eric Allan - Percussion,
Barry Morgan - Percussion,
Arthur Watts - Bass
Jim Buck Snr - Cor,
Jim Buck Jnr - Cor,
Stan Roderick - Trumpet,
Ray Davis - Trumpet,
Albert Hall - Trumpet,
Bert Ezzard - Trumpet,
Johnnie Edwards - Tenor Trumpet,
Keith Christie - Tenor Trumpet,
Gib Wallace - Tenor Trumpet,
Jack Thurwell - Bass Trombone,
Keith Bird - Sax,
Roy Willox - Sax,
Rex Morris - Sax,
Bill Skeets - Sax,
Don Honeywell - Sax

Arranged by scottish legendary arranger and conductor Nicky Welsh, this album contains all instrumental compositions also covering and reinterpreting famed music themes of the time. Top class performers as guitarist Johnny MacCloughlin future Jazz legend, Andy White pre-Ringo Beatles and Billy Fury drummer. Graham and Page wrote 3 tracks here, for a fantastic Blues Rock, Swing, Garage and English Beat album with lots of Soul, Acid and classic Rock influences of the time. Stunning '60s DJ samples with Vintage heavy drum breaks and Killer Psychedelic dancebeats. Listen!"

Album review and auction courtesy of Armagideon Times, owner of SONOR Editions

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