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SONOR Music Presents Spring 2015 Reissues Of 70's Italian Music Libraries and Soundtracks
SONOR Music Presents Spring 2015 Reissues Of 70's Italian Music Libraries and Soundtracks

Yet another jewel re-released by us, originally coming from 'cult' soundtracks Pegaso label promo-only. This score was written in 1972 for the Giallo Thriller film directed by Tulio Demicheli starring George Hilton / Luciana Paluzzi and Anita Strindberg. Sleazy Psychedelic and Lounge masterpiece featuring sinister and Thrilling themes. Fine and intense atmospheres accompanied by magnificent female bewitching Edda Dell'Orso's vocals, harpsichord / glistening e-piano vamps, phased flute and amazing cinematic Beats and Breaks. Fantastic OST

From start to finish this album features the most insane Jazz-Funk tunes ever released on a Library LP from Italy. Amleto Armando aka 'Puccio' Roelens was a great and requested composer and arranger of the time, been working for Rai and Vedette Records and being also and orchestra leader and pianist. Along with "ROCK SATELLITE" this a KILLER Funk record all the way through, and the most similar record to mythical Torossi's FEELINGS. Incredible B-boy drum breaks in this session with spacey Fender Rhodes, cosmic Synth, mad Fuzz and treated Wha-Wha, heavy basslines, and huge horns section where Dino Piana Jazz trombone seems to play and so on..

Sensational and almost impossible to find in its original edition Original Soundtrack for the documentary composed by Perigeo's bassist Giovanni Tommaso (Living in Tokyo: City of Heaven), very active and prolific in writing Library music during the '70s. This extraordinary Score was composed to be the soundtrack for a documentary focused on Tokyo city and his inhabitants, where Giovanni Tommaso added some typical elements of melodic/harmonic Japanese music and meltied them with a kind of 'Urban' music along the line of a Jazz-Rock style he would later encode in Perigeo project. Silvano Chimenti, Antonello Vannucchi and Gegè Munari are the uncredited artists who played in this session. Outstanding oriental Prog. Rock tunes are featured here and contributed to make this lost gem also sought-after by Progressive collectors.

Released around mid '70s, this scarce Italian Library composed by maestro Oscar Rocchi was released on the same Fonovideo label of the infamous Giancarlo Barigozzi's WOMAN'S COLOURS, who also probably played in this session. This is one of the finest Funk Breaks even Jazz-Funk samples from the Italian Library circle, with terrific drums breaks, stoned flute, Fuzzy guitars and Fender Rhodes solos. Many tracks here are perfect Bboy samples, and have chipped in to make this LP just legendary. Huge session for a very solid album from the beginning to the end.

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