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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Daniel Crawford Support The Dreams Of Dayne Jordan "In Progress"
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Daniel Crawford Support The Dreams Of Dayne Jordan "In Progress"

With a soulful and inspiring sound, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Daniel Crawford unite on production to lay the sonic foundation for Dayne Jordan to dream on "In Progress". As Danye's urgency for life within vivd storytelling flows continuously from beginning to end, witness the aspiration of an MC who is determined to reflect on his path to understand the future.

In a 2015 interview from Poland, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff talks about working with the young Eminem before "The Slim Shady LP" even came out, recalls the infamous meeting and coversation between Will Smith & Eminem, explains why his 1998 solo album for Sony Records never came out and shares the back story to his commercial campaign with Starter in the 90's. The artist also remembers hanging out in Philly with J Dilla who used to call him "Uncle Jeff", speaks on the things he's learned from Jay Dee as a producer and defines the meaning of a "Real DJ", as well as the importance of turntablism. What's more, Jeff talks about the movie offers he got after "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" became a success on TV, the unreleased, lost video for "A Nightmare on My Street", discussions with Will Smith regarding music industry and the classic, colorful "Homebase" jackets. You'll also hear about the unreleeased LPs with Rhymefest & singer Ayah, the Vinyl Destination video series, "The Magnificent" recording process and Jeff's plans for the future!

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