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Producer Sir Jinx Merges Jazz, Hip Hop & Soul On "Jinxstrumentals"
Producer Sir Jinx Merges Jazz, Hip Hop & Soul On "Jinxstrumentals"

After years of helping to mold the sonic identity of the West Coast, Ice Cube's right-hand man on the beats shows his musical progression on his 2015 instrumental project "Jinxstrumentals". Throughout this album, Jinx shows his maturity as a producer who is capable of going beyond the boom-bap and into a musically-rich fusion. From a soulful slow jam and beats which incorporate elements of Jazz, G-Funk, Soul, samples and live instrumentation, Jinx makes it bang.

For the most part, Jinxstrumentals departs from the dangerous Lench Mob sound and shows the joyful side of Jinx as a producer/songwriter though he manages to sneak some gutter gangsta beats toward the end such as "Takeover" and "Ransom". The West Coast has always been known for pushing the musical envelope in beats, and Jinx is no exception on the soulful ride of "Jinxstrumentals".

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