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ROVI (Piero Umiliani) - "DISCOMUSIC" - (1978 Italian MENTAL Electronic DISCO-FUNK LIbrary)
ROVI (Piero Umiliani) - "DISCOMUSIC" - (1978 Italian MENTAL Electronic DISCO-FUNK LIbrary)

"Outstanding mythical LP by maestro Piero Umiliani under aliases ROVI, one of the most innovative works from late '70s. Volcanic, polyhedral incredible record, imperious masterpiece which is the strenght proof of Umiliani's pure genius. It's the period of the full explosion of Disco Music overwhelming phenomenon that like a supernova invaded all music genres and artistic fields: Disco Music brought in his belly a new sound solution in order to give voice to adrenaline in the pentagram form.

Famed for including the infamous "DISCOMANIA" track used as Soundtrack of Italian Soccer TV programme "90° MINUTO", this album is a total leading-edge for entire Library Music of the time. Completely innovative and new for that period, the maestro arranged rhythms and sonorities with great skill and naturalness accompained by great performers, everything done as if he was an experienced Disco-music producer. Fantastic DJ loops and samples, stunning Disco and Funk Breaks tinged with Electric Jazz/Jazz-Funk soul. Listen!" - Armagideon Times of SONOR Music Editions

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