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Spiritually-Minded: 18 Artists Share Their Belief In God Through Hip Hop
Spiritually-Minded: 18 Artists Share Their Belief In God Through Hip Hop

By JR on 10:28 AM

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Enjoy a conceptual mix which highlights an overlooked but important movement of Hip Hop, the spiritually-minded and religious MC. These Holy Hip Hop artists seek inspiration of life and find purpose to create their music through religion, demonstrating great substance and artistic progression. As each artist looks to the heavens and delivers life through their pen, witness a collective of talented lyricists and producers within a colorful spectrum of styles ranging from aggressive and serious, to laid-back, reflective and soulful.

Stained Glass and Silhouetted Christ Statue photography by Adam Jones


2.Special Delivery - Fro W.U.N.D.A.S.
3.Helikopters - Barney Artist
4.Surrounded By Light - 7vnseal
5.All My Life - Ant Coughlin
6.Let Go And Let God - Magno Garcia
7.Kick Rocks - Righteouz Knight
8.A Stones Throw - Cas Metah
9.G.O.M. RMX - Datin
10.Bible this, Bible That - Da bul ike
11.True Life Feat. Eons D - Knaladus
12.Joy RMX - Leah Smith
13.Master Rhymed Verse - Idomz
14.Pretender - Elan Brio
15.Summertime - Grind
16.Oh My God - Magno Garcia
17.Menace - Big Sto
18.Don’t Be Afraid - Belevin Stephen
19.Holy Hip Hop - 2five tha Hood Rev
20.Sunshine - Japhia Life

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