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!llmind - #BoomTrap Vol. 3 The Stems (Digital Download)
!llmind - #BoomTrap Vol. 3 The Stems (Digital Download)

By JR on 7:13 AM

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!llmind returns with aggression and a futuristic vision in summer of 2015 to make Trap music more interesting than what you may be used to hearing in his "#BoomTrap Vol. 3" instrumental project. With dense layers of synths and samples which mesh into an electrified bounce, !ll merges the analog and digital realms in a marriage of World music influences, modern electronic production and the neck-snap of Hip Hop. Enjoy the bounce and futuristic vision of beats from a blapmaster who aims to redefine Trap music!

For Producers:

"BoomTrap Volume 3. Probably the final installment to the series. My favorite volume. This time, I'm not only giving you the drums, but also the entire stems. This means you'll get every single instrument (synth, sound effect, percussion, bass, 808, etc) via WAV STEMS." - !llmind

Includes the full AUDIO STEMS for every single instrument (drums, synths, bass, sound effects, grunts, etc) 7.37 GB (compressed to 954 MB)

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