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"Metamorphosis EP" by Singer Dawn Williams (Spotify Stream)
"Metamorphosis EP" by Singer Dawn Williams (Spotify Stream)

Enjoy sounds of Jazz & Soulful House driven by the empowering messages of self-worth through the golden voice of an inspiring female vocalist. Dawn Williams is a butterfly flying high liberated by the power of music on the "Metamorphosis EP".

"Dawn Williams brings an incomparable soulful style with a lyrical edge to this 4 song collection. With this her debut, Dawn explores concepts of travel, transformation and transcendence. With each song heard, you feel like Dawn’s sidekick, along for the ride and enjoying any forthcoming changes. In the end, Dawn is using her Honeycomb project to share gratitude and gratefulness to the world! Her smash single, aptly titled “Appreciate,” is burning up the FM radio charts, with full support from Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega, Joe Claussell and many notable others." - Honeycomb Music

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