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MC Kenji The Wise Puts His Life In The Lines On The "Awakening"
MC Kenji The Wise Puts His Life In The Lines On The "Awakening"

By JR on 4:41 AM

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A new generation of Hip Hop emerges from South Carolina with skills to entertain in an MC who projects a perception which encourages you to dream and assumes the responsibility to provide jewels which are substantial to your daily life perception. Always bringing positivity through delivery, Kenji and his crew depart from the party sound which dominates their age group and instead look within to focus on their goals, obsctacles and human value as they step in the booth. With a jazzy edge of boom-bap as your guide, take a ride with this emerging voice from The South as he finds the right combination of beats, rhymes and life for progressive yet nostalgic Hip Hop to brighten your day.

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