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Andre Espeut Quintet - "This Ain't How It Ends" / "Cut Loose" Single
Andre Espeut Quintet - "This Ain't How It Ends" / "Cut Loose" Single

By JR on 5:02 AM

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"Imagenes Recordings is proud to present the latest dancefloor Jazz groover of Andre Espeut Quintet.

Its been a few years now years since the first two releases of the Quintet, which has had an incredible response from many radio shows in the Uk and overseas, including Craig Charles, Jazz FM, Patrick Forge between others. This follow up continues the story of an endless amalgamation of Jazz & Blues, which keeps swinging through the musical landscape of today after almost six decades of its origins.

This ain’t how it ends:
A mans journey into brighter things as he talks about the challenges of life, with an optimistic outcome. From Ray Charles to Gregory Porter the influences are well rooted here in this song.

Cut loose:
Takes traditional Brazilian styles with finely crafted Jazz compositions and arrangements of Bossa Nova-infused Jazz, perfectly capturing the mood of summer vibes with rich vocals."


Vocals – Andre Espeut
Bass - Matheus Nova & Wun Yen Chan
Drums – Jon Desbruslais & Raphael Dephino
Keys & Organ - Milt Mavrakakis
Piano: Jonathan Idiagbonya
Percussion – Alejandro Martinez & Juan Laya
Horns - Eikel Venegas Hernandes
Sax: Marcelo Andrade

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