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Stream Scarface's "Deeply Rooted" & Enjoy 15 Artworks Inspired By The Classic Film
Stream Scarface's "Deeply Rooted" & Enjoy 15 Artworks Inspired By The Classic Film

By JR on 4:58 PM

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Inspired by the drama of street life, religious faith, American corruption, gangsterism and trails of love, Southern Hip Hop great Scarface continues to challenge the art of storytelling with Hip Hop to resonate deeply within your imagination like the impact of a feature film. "Deeply Rooted" demonstrates FaceMob at his most creative artistic point yet as he lends his unique persona and introspective view of life to a variety of songs which show how deep Hip Hop can be. Lending his visual talent on the microphone to music which enhances the cinematic feel of beats, Scarface brings you into a world of intrigue over Trap and boom-bap rhythms in a journey of soulful soundscapes and threatening moments of darkness.

With Nas, Rick Ross, CeeLo and other oustanding guests musically aligned to this gangster's vision, "Deeply Rooted" features guests who are all well-placed in the tradition of albums by Face. Say good night to the bad guy as a host of talented MCs and vocalists play their part in another movie by one of Hip Hop's deepest writers.

Above, click to witness a visual account of the influence which the classic film "Scarface" has on the new millennium art world with 15 designs that capture the undying influence of Tony Montana's world.

Artists: Alan Hynes, Butcher Billy, NACH Oh!, Amy Swinimer, Don Dario, Frederico Barbato, Marianela Paez, Sarah Ghani, Rany Atlan, Marco Frabotti, Dan Rodriguez

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